Our Team

This is part of the Industrial Cyber Security management team.

Jordi Rey

Managing Director. Logitek CEO.

Innovation is the base on which our strategy is developed, as we are the first Spanish company in the sector to launch a specific industrial cyber security division. Thank you for your trust.

Fernando Sevillano

Industrial Cybersecurity Manager

Our division is specialised in the industry and infrastructures sector and concerns itself with the security of installations, manufacturing processes and control systems (PLC, DCS, RTU, SCADA). We at Logitek Cyber Security hope we can help you resolve your problems.

Manuel Meijueiro

Industrial Cybersecurity Technical Manager

We align ourselves to resolve each client’s problems based on their specific context and needs. We undertake a high level of commitment and seek maximum efficiency, effectiveness and effect in all our interventions.


Logitek Cyber Security understands the problems companies have. This is how we assure you we will present you with the most precise and functional solution on the market. Just what you need to solve your problem.


We know that theory is not enough. This is why our specialists are not just excellent, but also have extensive experience in industrial cyber security.

This is the only way to achieve excellence.


What would happen if you are dealing with the very best in an area, but they are never available to your company? You have surely experienced this at some time, but in industrial cyber security this can never happen.

We will always be available.


OK, now you know we will always be there for your company, but have you ever had full access to specialists but not understood a thing? We speak so you understand. We do not hide behind vague technical jargon.

We speak industrial cyber security clearly.

Do you want your company to be cyber secure?

Contact us and we will help your company to comply with all the cyber security measures needed so you do not need to worry.