Training and awareness raising

We give training courses and design awareness raising plans for integrators and end clients.



There is undoubtedly already some concern about knowing and understanding the main concepts associated with industrial cyber security. However, what is clear is that a large number of organisations have not gone on to specifically train either their OT system users or administrators in this functional area.

These types of training initiatives, which are more or less technical in nature, and the development of specific awareness raising programmes are key to ensuring the third pillar needed to deploy an industrial cyber security programme (systems, processes and people) involve themselves in these kinds of initiatives and contribute their knowledge and skill to create a fully fortified industrial environment.

Logitek Industrial Cyber Security gives training courses and design awareness raising plans for integrators and end clients:


“Introduction to Industrial Cyber Security” courses. Concepts, attacks, countermeasures and procedures.

The “Introduction to Industrial Cyber Security” course gives attendees specific training which, apart from introducing the basic concepts, analyses the main vulnerabilities, threats and types of attack from which industrial environments can suffer. Based on this, specific countermeasures and recommendations are proposed to minimise or eliminate their impact.

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Awareness raising programmes

All awareness raising, training or educational programmes need to be carried out bearing four areas in mind.

In particular, awareness raising seeks to inform all the agents involved in a short space of time.

The success of an awareness raising, training or educational programme depends on the following three factors:

  • The ad-hoc carrying out of this programme dealing with client needs.
  • Alignment and adaptation to the industrial environment of the contents described in methodologies and standards (ISO27001 Security, Microsoft Security Awareness Toolkit, NIST SP800-50 and SP800-16).
  • The use of the theoretical base provided by the business communication, particularly internal communication or intracommunication.


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