Services in Industrial Cyber Security

The deployment of defence in depth strategies is based on the need to incorporate different layers of security on the assets that need to be protected, doing this in a stepwise and progressive manner and taking the need to implement continuous improvement cycles into account.
Seguridad Perimetral Seguridad Perimetral

Perimeter security and network segmentation

The basic aspect for protecting your industrial and infrastructure environment.
Políticas y Procedimientos Políticas y Procedimientos

Policies and Procedures

Creation and standardisation of security processes.
Arquitectura de red segura Arquitectura de red segura

Secure network architecture

Secure industrial network management and access.
Formacion y concienciacion Formacion y concienciacion

Training and awareness raising

The first step towards cyber-secure industrial environments.
Secure by Design Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Technologies with native security

Do you think your infrastructure is cyber secure?

Here’s what we mean: have you detected the main deficiencies or weaknesses associated with your OT environment that could cause your production system to shutdown or crash? If not…