Getting started

We help make your industrial or infrastructure environment cyber secure.

Industrial cyber security is a discipline that needs to be implemented using continuous improvement methodologies. You can start by applying simple countermeasures and procedures to give your installations better protection than existed initially and then increase infrastructure protection depth over time. For example:

  • Make a systems inventory and audit the status of your industrial network from the security point of view.
  • Train people linked to your OT environment and raise their awareness, without forgetting to involve the people responsible for IT security.
  • Segment and/or fortify accesses to networks and critical systems.

In any case, we know there are many and varied problems associated with the lack of fortification of industrial environments and the protection of critical infrastructures. The following scenarios show a few of these and solutions and specific practical improvements are proposed with the aim of enabling you, after reading, to assess which ones could have the greatest impact on your organisation and to help you be a little clearer on where to start.